Speaking at SQL Saturday #365 PreCon – Biml Bootcamp in Melbourne, Australia


For more event details check it out on Everbrite: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sql-saturday-precon-biml-bootcamp-tickets-14151819473

Note: Don’t miss out on Paul’s Biml Fundamentals Webinar starting this week.

For more event details check it out on Everbrite:https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/biml-webinar-training-session-biml-fundamentals-tickets-12575667159


  • Paul Schmidt
  • Peter Avenant
  • Warwick Rudd
  • Reeves Smith

SQL SQL Saturday Melbourne Pre-con Tracks

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml)
  • Getting Started with BimlScript Transformers 
  • Mist and Biml for DBAs
  • Real World ETL framework for Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)
  • SQL Server BI Upgrades and Migrations using Mist
  • Power BI with Mist and Biml

Introduction to Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml)
Biml is a XML dialect for defining business intelligence (BI) assets. Biml authored BI assets can currently be used by the BIDS Helper add-on for Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) and the Varigence Mist integrated development environment; both tools translate Biml metadata into SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) assets for the Microsoft SQL Server platform. In this interactive, demo focused session you’ll learn about Biml and see how BimlScript can automatically create staging tables, SSIS Packages, and other necessary objects during the modelling process.

Getting Started with BimlScript Transformers
Mist and Biml is so powerful that you can even change the way BI assets are generated, giving you incredible power and flexibility. Transformer BimlScript allow you to automatically enforce design patterns and frameworks at compile time without developer interaction. In this session, we introduce the concept of Transformer BimlScript and demonstrate how this is applied in the real world.

Mist for DBAs
A traditional DBA is primarily responsible for the Administration and Day-to-Day running of the SQL Server environments.
Regular tasks include:

  • Database Maintenance and Data Maintenance Plans
  • Migrating data from a production to test / development environment

In this session we will be exploring how Mist and Biml can make your life as a DBA easier and “bust the myth” that Mist and Biml are only for BI.

Metadata driven ETL framework for Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)
Design patterns, standards, metadata, and reuse are the cornerstones of data warehouse automation. 

  • Design patterns can be coupled with architecture, design, and implementation standards and best practices to build reusable data warehousing components. 
  • Patterns, standards, and components are captured and described as metadata.

In this session, we walkthrough how a metadata driven ETL framework has been implemented using Mist.

SQL Server BI Upgrades and Migrations using Mist
With Mist’s ability to reverse engineer SQL Server SSIS packages, upgrades and migrations between SQL Server platforms is made easy. Why waste time with the SSIS Package Upgrade Wizard when you can save time using Mist and Biml to upgrade your SSIS packages to any SQL Server platform (SQL Server 2005 or later).
In this session we walkthrough a real world example of upgrading and migrating SSIS packages between SQL Server environments.

Power BI with Mist and Biml
Deliver powerful tabular models from metadata generated in Mist and Biml. In this session we walkthrough how metadata in Mist and Biml is used to generate tabular models.

About Reeves Smith

Reeves Smith is a consultant and trainer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a Microsoft Certified Master with over 17 years of experience working with SQL Server. Reeves is an independent BI consultant and teammate with Linchpin People. He is an active member of the Denver, CO, PASS chapter and delivers technical presentations at local and regional conferences and user groups. He has had the opportunity to work on various development and data warehouse projects within industries like banking, DoD, energy, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, travel, and telecommunication. You can follow him on Twitter at SQLReeves.
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