Speaking at SQL Saturday 331 – Denver, CO – Pre-Con

Tim Mitchell and I will be delivering a Getting Started with Biml all day session. If you have not worked with Biml and want to see what all of the buzz is about come join us for a great day of training.

Getting Started with Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language)

Have you ever needed to generate dozens (or even hundreds) of similar SSIS packages? Do you ever find yourself needing to regenerate a lot of packages when some piece of the upstream data format changes? These are not uncommon scenarios faced by ETL developers, but historically there haven’t been any good tools to help with this. However, we’re going to introduce you to one of the most useful tools you may ever use: Biml.

For ETL developers, Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language) is a game changer. This is a great new tool for Microsoft business intelligence developers who want to make the most of their development efforts. In short, it’s an XML-based language that will allow you to programmatically create SSIS packages. Even better, it can be enhanced with VB.NET or C# scripting to create BimlScript, which allows you to dynamically build and modify a few, dozens, or even hundreds of packages with minimal effort. Best of all, you don’t need budget approval – if you already have Visual Studio, you can use Biml and BimlScript for free!

In this full-day presentation, we’ll introduce you to dynamic package generation through Biml. Business intelligence consultants Tim Mitchell and Reeves Smith will walk you through the essentials of Biml – getting started, syntax, and common uses – followed by dozens of design patterns to improve your efficiency as an ETL developer.

Among the topics that we’ll cover:

  • Overview of Biml – What is it? Where do I use it?
  • Introduction to Biml syntax
  • Biml in the Visual Studio environment
  • Introduction to BimlScript syntax
  • Dynamic package generation with BimlScript
  • Metadata management with Biml
  • Create a simple staging package project with dozens of packages in less than an hour
  • Package (re)generation
  • Source control
  • Common design patterns for Biml in the enterprise
  • Taking Biml to the next level with Mist

By the end of this full-day presentation, you should be equipped to get started immediately using Biml. It’s a revolutionary technology, and we hope that you’ll be as excited about Biml as we are.


This course is intended for business intelligence developers and other database professionals with experience creating and supporting SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. Attendees should have a working knowledge of the SSIS essentials. In addition, some experience with either C# or VB.NET, and a basic understanding of XML (or other markup language) would be helpful.

For more details go here: Event Site

About Reeves Smith

Reeves Smith is a consultant and trainer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a Microsoft Certified Master with over 17 years of experience working with SQL Server. Reeves is an independent BI consultant and teammate with Linchpin People. He is an active member of the Denver, CO, PASS chapter and delivers technical presentations at local and regional conferences and user groups. He has had the opportunity to work on various development and data warehouse projects within industries like banking, DoD, energy, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, travel, and telecommunication. You can follow him on Twitter at SQLReeves.
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